The Civil Society Development Center launches the second phase of the fundraising campaign: "Get Involved and Engage"!

The aim of the campaign is to promote the protection of homeless and single women during the COVID-19 pandemic;

The first phase of the project was implemented last year since the pandemic has started,

For the first stage Civil Society Development Center (CSDC):

Assisted more than 100 women and their families;

More than 24 videos and stories were prepared and disseminated;

More than 50 citizens and organizations participated in the fundraising campaign;

The amount of donation was up to 12,000 GEL;

More than 30 meetings/discussions were held;

 The research was prepared about the needs and recommendations were sent to the relevant agencies;

Unfortunately, many single women need the help and support of the community as there are difficult economic and social conditions in a country, in parallel with the pandemic.

 Our team has active communication with each beneficiary, we study the problems and needs of women and their families, and we hope that with the support of the community, we will once again be able to help women in this difficult situation.

 In case you want to support us with some clothes or food, please contact us on our Facebook page. We would also be really happy for some financial support.

Thank you! Civil Society Development Center Team

 For cash donations see account number:

 JSC TBC Bank, Bank Code: TBCBGE22

 Recipient Account GE93TB7620136080100007

 Recipient Name NNLE "Civil Society Development Center" (CSDC)

 Purpose: Campaign - Get involved and engage.

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