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Social-economic changes, which have developed in Georgia over the last twenty years, have battered the condition of living and working children in the street, their living conditions. These were particularly affected by such vulnerable groups as single mothers, IDPs, large families, emigrants from different countries, etc. Most do not have basic / minimum living conditions.

Most of these children came to Georgia in search of a better life from different parts of the country or conflict zone, but most of them found themselves in a very difficult situation (they do live a constant nightmare and are looking for new shelter every day).

There is a special government program for such socially vulnerable families, which provides for a family of 12-13 dollars per month. However, it should be noted that this money is absolutely incompatible with the fact that the family will feed the children normally and give elementary education.

Usually these people are unemployed, without residence, and are often targeted at different forms of violence. In the summer-autumn 2010, the Estonian Embassy in Georgia surveyed in regions where 53% of women surveyed suffered violence from their spouses. The main reason for this is the lack of economic independence of Georgian women.

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