Current Projects

The Second Opportunity for Education for Children Beyond Education Process in Georgia “Winner of Tender, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, 2015-present.
- So called Providing education for children living and working on the streets, implementing a transit program. Within the framework of the program, up to 25 children in child care centers in Tbilisi provided educational lessons, in particular, beneficiaries were trained in two areas: promoting life skills development and providing school education in accordance with relevant age programs;
- Strengthening schools with teacher training and parent awareness In the framework of the program for the situation of children living and working in the streets - a special training module was developed within the program, training for 50 public school teachers and administrators. Information leaflets were prepared for parents of students in selected schools and disseminated during the meeting. (2015-present)

The Civil Society Development Center has launched the second wave of the "Get Involved and Engage" campaign (The first phase of the project was implemented last year since the pandemic has started). The aim of the campaign is to help and empower socially vulnerable, single, inaccessible mothers with many children during the COVID-19 pandemic.
An international team of Georgian and Czech members of the Civil Society Development Center is working to implement the second phase of the campaign. Team members talked to the beneficiaries and identified their needs.
Czech and Georgian interns continue to visit families and supply them with first aid items.
During the project, women often named a healthy mouth as their dream. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, they themselves are unable to visit the dentist. To make this dream a reality, the organization contacted the FACEBOOK group, "gift of dental treatment". As a result of this collaboration, socially vulnerable women will be able to visit the dentist completely free of charge.
It is very important to empower women to take care of their education. The English Language Center contacted the Civil Society Development Center and wished the beneficiaries to learn a foreign language completely free of charge.
Georgian First Channel also joined the campaign. The director of the TV company, Tinatin Berdzenishvili, personally handed over the household items collected by the employees of the channel to the socially vulnerable women.
The team of the Civil Society Development Center fully understands the responsibility of how important the role of each citizen is for the empowerment of women. Creating an environment where the lives of single and vulnerable women will be provided for all needs is their goal.

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