April 2 is International Autism Awareness Day!

On April 2, on the occasion of International Autism Awareness Day, Transitional Program in Education's specialists Eka Kepashvili, Nino Kakalashvili, Mariam Edilashvili and Sophio Dekanadze assisted beneficiaries of Homeless Children's Day Center and Daycare.
The specialists aimed to provide more information and raise awareness of the children in a specific area, including planned activities, providing information on the topic, including a video link with autistic spectators and specialists discussing the developmental features, attitudes and skills - what the symptoms are and what characteristics can be identified, such as their integration and adaptation mechanisms, what services are available for people with autism and what the challenges are...

Participation was high, beneficiaries were interested in the information received, and in addition to expressing their positions and visions, they joined a support action, integrated banners with the involvement of specialists to reflect the position of children with autism spectrum.

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