Summer vacations organized by the Civil Society Development Center (CSDC) at Gldani Homeless Children Center

For many, summer vacations are associated only with time wasting/time killing, however, when properly organized and fun, children can develop many skills, make new impressions, regain strength and relax.
The Civil Society Development Center (CSDC) has traditionally provided very interesting, educational and entertaining activities for the Center's children.
Today we would like to congratulate the children of World-Vision's Gldani Homeless Children Center who have spent the summer holidays no less fun than other centers.
Our program is always varied and gives children a choice. The students read with interest the small illustrated texts, which were accompanied by illustrations and cheerfully worked on solving the puzzles. All of this helps to develop thinking and to logically convey one's views. Through various cognitive exercises, the children received new information about Georgian temples, rivers, neighboring countries, various animals, technologies, inventions. It was very fun to have “50 questions removed from the case” where the children answered questions from history, geography, Georgian, mathematics. In case of difficulties, the children did not hurt each other.
Most kids love math. In the center, the children played a "situation in the shop" for which various money bags were used. In the process, the participants were assigned the role of seller and buyer, teaching each other how to return and calculate each other correctly. "I loved being in the salesman role, it helped me to improve counting skills, and I can now freely report," says LR (World-Vision's World Center for Homeless Children) at Interview.
The activities were also competitive, with the students not giving up on each other in the shortest possible time, among the messy numbers, and the winner would be the one who collected more stickers.
"All the activities were so exciting, I had a really fun summer, and despite the heat, every day was very fun and I learned a lot of new things," says MB from the Center in Gldani.

The transitional education program is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia (CSDC).

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